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Are you in Compliance with Today's Safety Standards?

Our OSHA & HIPAA Compliance Packages

2019 Initial OSHA Annual Employee
Training Package

  • 60-minute Private Webinar
    Employee Training
  • Proof-of-Training
    Employee Certificate
  • Detailed OSHA & HIPAA
    Refernce Handout
  • 100-Point OSHA Safety
    Facility Report

2019 GHS Complete
Compliance Package

  • 60-Minute Employee
    Training Video
  • Proof-of-Training
    Employee Certificate
  • New OSHA Manual written to
    GHS Standard
  • Includes Customized Employee
    Required Forms

2019 HIPAA Omnibus Rule Complete
Compliance Package

  • 60-Minute Employee
    Training Video
  • Proof-of-Training
    Employee Certificate
  • New HIPAA Manual to
    Omnibus Rule Standard
  • 2-hour HIPAA Expert
    Phone Consult
    & Customized HIPAA
    Risk Assessment Report

2019 ALL-IN-ONE DELUXE OSHA & HIPAA Comprehensive Compliance Package

Package Includes

  • 90-Minute Employee Training Private Webinar
  • Proof-of-Training Annual OSHA, GHS & HIPAA Certificates
  • Includes Customized Employee Required Forms
  • 3 Hour OSHA Expert Phone Consult
  • New OSHA & HIPAA Manuals written to NEW Standards
  • All Required Forms / eForms & Custom HIPAA Risk Assessment Report
  • Dental Product Labeling Supplies & SDS Guidebook
  • 100-Point OSHA Safety Facility Report / Customized

What Mandates Do I Need?

Every State requires dental offices have Annual Employee OSHA Training and operate your facility at full-compliance. But, how do you really know if you are completely in compliance and meeting all State and Federal required standards? With so much to research, know and implement it can become overwhelming! Let us help you decide what mandates are required in your state.

Comprehensive Compliance Requirements






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