The Dental Advisor Editors Choice for Dental OSHA & HIPAA Compliance


Getting OSHA & HIPAA compliant and keeping up with the vast and varied changes is never easy. In fact is it a very daunting task. While it is more like a nightmare to manage than a child’s fable, choosing a compliance company to help you can also be likened to the story of The Three Bears: Papa Bear is too expensive, Baby Bear may offer “free training”, but that will not hold up during an actual inspection. On a quest for “the Mama Bear” of all OSHA & HIPAA Compliance Training Programs,  The Dental Advisor makes their choice clear:



The ALL-IN-ONE FEDERAL OSHA/GHS & HIPAA/Omnibus Rules Training & Compliance Package is a comprehensive program providing everything necessary to comply with Annual OSHA Employee Training & Certification, Global Harmonization System (GHS) requirements and HIPAA Omnibus Rule compliance. Evaluated by 13 consultants, this compliance program earned a 98% clinical rating! This compliance solution provided a concise, organized program that was customized for each dental office, the 90-minute live webinar was presented to each dental office and served to fulfill all three Federal training requirements, an additional 90-minute phone call to navigate manuals and forms was flexible in terms of time and varied depending on each office’s needs. While 90 minutes was average, no limit was placed on this communication.”

So the OSHA made EASY™, ALL-IN-ONE FEDERAL OSHA & HIPAA COMPLIANCE PACKAGE turns out to be the “mother load” and is unsurpassed by other dental office OSHA and HIPAA training programs mostly due to its comprehensive design. (It included guided training via webinar, also provided training on video CD-ROM, all paperwork is included and customized OSHA & HIPAA Facility reports with answers are provided!). The Dental Advisor evaluators also comment: “The materials in the ALL-IN-ONE Federal Compliance Package were well organized in binders that kept required paperwork in one place. It made it so Easy.” 100% of evaluators at The Dental Advisor said they would “switch to” or recommend this compliance solution.

While OSHA & HIPAA compliance is not child’s play, the choice here is clear. The Dental Advisor puts it seal on the Mama bear: OSHA made EASY™, ALL-IN-ONE FEDERAL OSHA & HIPAA COMPLIANCE PACKAGE.


Written by Jill Obrochta RDH BS of