Top 5 OSHA compliance requirements for your dental office……

Do you consider your dental practice OSHA inspection ready? If so, congratulations!

If you are more like the rest of us, here are some tips that may help you out.

1.   Is your OSHA manual up to date?

Even if your manual is less than 1 year old, it may not be up to snuff to OSHA requirements. If your OSHA manual is Global HarmonizationSystem (GHS) Compliant, you are in great shape! Otherwise, it is time to get the latest OSHA manual that is compliant to the new Global Harmonization System Standard.


2.   Have you fulfilled your Annual OSHA Employee Training requirement?

YES! We are supposed to train annually. Every U.S. business has to. You are not alone with regard to this requirement.


3.   Is all of your OSHA Required Paperwork completed and organized?

This includes proof of annual training, GHS proof of training, employee occupational exposures (categorized, rated and in written form), Hep B vaccination records on file, and employee medical histories on file.


4.   Have you fulfilled your Global Harmonization System (GHS) Training Requirement?

Dental Offices’ deadline to complete training was on December 1st 2013. This training focuses on the international change regarding our hazard communication system and how we handle professional products and chemicals in the workplace. There is now an international standardized system to follow. Our MSDS sheets (USA) will change to SDS sheets (International) and our labels will change from Hazardous Rating Labels (colored, lettered, numbered) to Pictograms which need to be learned and memorized by employees as part of your training program.


5.   Is your facility OSHA compliant?

There are many areas inspectors will check in your dental office, ranging from proper handling of soiled waste and sharps to sterilization logs and receipts. Try to find an OSHA compliance training company that will offer an in-depth facility credentialing and report. A company that will work with you to not only provide the report, but also the recommendations to rectify any non-compliant areas. The 72-Point OSHA Safety Facility Report from Dental Enhancements is based on the last 15 years of dental office OSHA fines and their OSHA experts help you correct any non-compliant areas once they customize and complete your report. It’s awesome!


If you are confident and comfortable with your current compliance position, that is terrific. If you feel you are lacking, a reputable OSHA compliance training program would be well worth looking into.


Compliance is a requirement, not voluntary. Make sure your program is comprehensive. You don’t want to spend an extensive amount of time with the OSHA Inspector, do you?

Written by Jill Obrochta and Heather Whitt. Contact us today if you need help and advice Dental Enhancements


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