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D/E just finished producing a new OSHA & HIPAA Marketing Video… 

It is a 4-Minute overview of What is Required for the Dental Office, The risks of non-compliance & an overview of our OSHA & HIPAA Solution Packages. 

Below is a sample script that you can email to your existing clients who may still be in need our awesome OSHA & HIPAA Solutions. Summer is a great time for dental offices to “get-back-into-compliance”.  Using summer downtime to get updated on the current OSHA & HIPAA time makes smart sense.  Please feel free to forward my sample script to your potentially hot leads.  Be sure to include your Benco Signature in the sample—so we can double-ensure that this lead gets tied to you! 

We have a new Summer OSHA & HIPAA Flyer Packet coming out— if you want one—please email me your home address.

Thanks for your support.

Jill Obrochta RDH BS
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SAMPLE EMAIL TO CLIENTS—below: (Simply Copy/Paste – Edit & Send)

Dear <Benco Client Name>:

Benco has a very valuable service that you may want to take advantage of for your practice.

I want to be sure that your practice is well-protected & insulated from any unnecessary, potential harm, with regards to OSHA & HIPAA preparedness.  Not being properly prepared for an OSHA Inspection or HIPAA Audit can cause a dental practice unexpected stress and hefty fines.   OSHA & HIPAA inspections in dental offices are currently on-the-rise. 

OSHA & HIPAA are such big responsibilities these days, it becomes difficult to know and implement all the requirements.  We would like to introduce you to our Compliance Partner— Dental Enhancements, Inc.  Their comprehensive, streamlined OSHA & HIPAA Solutions are “top-in-class”!  Please take a few moments to watch this video link and learn about:

Should you have interest in a private, confidential review of your current OSHA & HIPAA Status, let me know so that I can arrange a complimentary Discovery Meeting with a Compliance Coach at Dental Enhancements, Inc.)

Thank you