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Hello Benco TRs & ESs:

Welcome back to the new era of dentistry! As you venture out to visit & serve your dental teams, we want you to know, that our team is here, to champion your successes! Our Post-COVID Compliance Solutions are new, improved & power-packed with updated accuracy!
We have narrowed our compliance offerings to just (3) COVID-inspired packages that are updated, simplified & streamlined: 

ALL IN ONE DLX SELF STUDY PKG This comprehensive package has all OSHA, COVID, GHS & HIPAA requirements in one!  It is designed to be implemented by one key contact person at the dental office.  Employees will enjoy the convenience of our new “Anytime Webinar” Video Links.  It includes 3-hours of private-mentoring from a Dental Enhancements Expert coach.  It’s efficient, relevant & awesome!  (click on the image below to download the pdf)

COVID COMPLETE COMPLIANCE PKG Designed for the office that just wants to get updated in Post-COVID Protocols.  Included a 30-Minute “Anytime Webinar” Video link, for COVID Management Employee Training & Certification. Paired with our popular Pandemic Protection Plan that provides a Contingency & Respiratory Protection Plan Template.  Quick, easy & COVID complete! (THIS PKG IS INCLUDED IN THE ALL IN ONE DLX SELF STUDY PKG) (click on the image below to download the pdf)


Going forward, we will upgrade our Annual Renewal Program to include: Employee Training, Required Forms, Report Templates & Manual Updates & CEUs for OSHA, COVID, GHS & HIPAA as (1) all-inclusive membership program, with just one annual fee.  This will ensure that our mutual clients will have all of their required compliance components and mitigate the risk of ever going out-of-compliance again!

As always, the Dental Enhancements Expert Compliance Coaches will continue to provide one-on-one mentoring paired with our unrivaled comprehensive compliance solutions. 


Jill Obrochta RDH BS, Founder

Dental Enhancements, Inc