Below is important information on Healthcare Office COVID-19 Requirements, that your dental office will need to implement.  Keep in mind, that the COVID-19 information is very time-sensitive, but the links listed below are a great way to get and keep your office on pace for success with prevention and known-case reporting.  We will continue to study these evolving mandates and keep you posted.  The overall goal is to keep you, your employees, and your patients healthy and safe.

CDC Quarantine and Isolation (Updated Oct. 19, 2021)

Below  is updated COVID (+) Quarantine Information that can serve as a reference should your dental team need to check current guidelines:

SEPT 2021

CDC Update for Dental Office CDC Updates COVID-19 Infection Prevention and Control Guidance

Also reference: Infection Control Guidance for Healthcare Professionals about Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Important Dental Respirator & Mask Guidance from ADA dated June 8, 2021:

JULY 2021:

FDA:  Authorized NIOSHA Respirators in coordination with CDC:

As of July 6th, the FDA rescinded the EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) for healthcare use/import of the KN95 Respirators, that were being used during the COVID Emergency.

They specifically state, “As of the effective date of the revocations, these devices will no longer be authorized for use by healthcare personnel in healthcare settings.”  KN-95s are no longer on FDA EUA list.

NIOSH Approved N-95s:

California Dental Association Announcement (and your Governor’s office), regarding Healthcare Professionals and Vaccination Requirements.   

Health care workers must show proof of vaccination or submit to regular testing

JUNE 2021:

ADA Announcement “clinical personal should wear N-95 equivalent or better respirator for suspected or confirmed COVID patients.”

Use caution and Universal Precautions when choosing PPE to wear during any dental procedure.  Make sure your choices decrease liability to your practice.

Dental practices ‘largely exempt’ from OSHA rule

Key Take Away Points:

Dentistry is largely exempt from the ETS, however, dental practices must continue to follow key provisions:

Those with suspected or confirmed COVID are not permitted to enter.

Dentistry Workers and Employers

MAY 2021:

ADA UPDATE for DENTAL OFFICES:  CDC updates guidance for fully vaccinated individuals


Practice Owners Responsibilities:

Employers should implement COVID-19 Prevention Programs in the workplace. The most effective programs engage workers and their union or other representatives in the program’s development and include the following key elements: conducting a hazard assessmentidentifying a combination of measures that limit the spread of COVID-19 in the workplaceadopting measures to ensure that workers who are infected or potentially infected are separated and sent home from the workplace, and implementing protections from retaliation for workers who raise COVID-19 related concerns.

What Workers Need To Know about COVID-19 Protections in the Workplace

Distinguishing between workers who are vaccinated and those who are not:  Workers who are vaccinated must continue to follow protective measures, such as wearing a face covering and remaining physically distant, because, at this time, there is no evidence that COVID-19 vaccines prevent transmission of the virus from person-to-person. The CDC explains that experts need to understand more about the protection that COVID-19 vaccines provide before deciding to change recommendations on steps everyone should take to slow the spread of the virus that causes COVID-19.

How to answer when patients or employees ask:

“Have your Employees received the COVID Vaccination?:

Employees can share their vaccination status with other employees or patients.

Employers & Management –cannot share this health information.

Below is a sample response that Management may wish to use when Patients or Employees make an inquiry about your team’s COVID vaccination status:

“Under Labor Board guidelines–Employee health information is retained & secured– confidentially by our Management.”

(If your office follows current COVID Management Protocols add):

“Rest assured, that our office follows the most current COVID Protocols to protect our Employees & Patients.” 

ADA HIPAA:  Contact Tracing by Public Health Agencies & HIPAA Disclosure

ADA HIPAA: Providing Names of C-19 (+) Patients to Authorities

ADA: Steps to take if an Employee Tests COVID Positive

ADA: Protocols to Follow if Employee or Family Member is COVID (+)


ADA- Interim Mask and Face Shield Guidelines:

OSHA 3990

OSHA COVID-REQUIREMENTS: Dentistry Workers and Employers


What to Do if Someone on Your Staff Tests Positive for COVID-19:

Obligation to Record & Report:

We understand that Employers are facing unexpected challenges in relation to COVID-19.   While the “common cold/flu” are not expected to be recorded by Employers, OSHA expects that employers identify COVID-19 infection among employees.  Employees must self-monitor by monitoring their signs and symptoms:  Dry cough, elevating fever, and shortness of breath.  Employers can take employee’s temperatures at this juncture.  Employers should report any positive cases, hospitalizations or deaths, to OSHA and an Applicable State Agency within a reasonable time frame.


Download & Print these COVID-19 Posters to use in your Reception Area Entryway.
These are a great way to pre-screen and encourage safe, social distancing. >>Click Here to Download<< 

PPE Proper Donning & Doffing Poster

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Please contact us should you have the need to update your current OSHA / HIPAA Standards.

We are happy to provide insight & clarification on current requirements. 

Be Blessed—Be safe—Be Well!…

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