Dental office: OSHA Compliance-- Do You Want to Pull Your Hair Out?

Dental office: OSHA Compliance– Do You Want to Pull Your Hair Out?

If you are in charge of, or in any way responsible for the OSHA Compliance Program within your Dental office, you know the tasks can be overwhelming, intimidating and at the very least daunting.

In 2013, the OSHA Compliance Requirements got even more cumbersome with the new mandate to have your entire team trained in Global Harmonization System (GHS) by the December 1st, 2013 deadline.  So now there is Annual Employee OSHA Training, GHS Proof-of-Training & required paperwork PLUS… having to have your facility completely in OSHA safety compliance.  It’s crazy!  But don’t give up!


A really good OSHA Compliance Program should consist of (3) Components:

  1. Annual OSHA Employee Safety Training
  2. Required Paperwork:  For each employee and updated written standards within your OSHA Manual
  3. Facility Safety to reflect all OSHA Safety Standards


Don’t be fooled by the “lunchtime free OSHA training” offered by some charismatic characters.  While the conversation may be informative, the OSHA Safety Facility Credentialing and required OSHA paperwork (both employee required forms, as well as an updated OSHA Manual) is key! 


If you need a complete Annual OSHA Employee Training solution, look for a trainer or training company who will provide you the “trifecta”.  The (3) components listed above neatly organized into a training package will be the key to your success.


Don’t be lulled into a false sense of security.  Go trifecta. That’s the winning ticket!


Written by Jill Obrochta & Heather Whitt of Dental Enhancements.