TEXAS HB300: Remember to Renew Employee Certificates Every 2 Years

TEXAS HB300: Remember to Renew Employee Certificates Every 2 Years


In 2012 Texas Governor Rick Perry created and has sanctioned a new HIPAA privacy protocol to more strictly protect patient privacy and identifiable patient Protected Health Information (PHI). House Bill 300 (HB300) holds Texas Healthcare facilities to a much stricter accountability. 

Under the HB300 mandate, all Texas healthcare providers must be compliant with:  employee HB300 training, HB300 Certificates for each Employee and implementation of all HB300 protocols.  Non-compliance puts you at risk for lengthy HIPAA audits and extreme fines!  Mr. Governor also has a special HIPAA Task Force in place to ensure you comply with the HB300 rules!  Do your due diligence, don’t wait for a HIPAA Auditor visit!

Don’t risk being fined and caught without these advanced electronic Patient

The best way to get compliant quickly is to choose a HIPAA Compliance Training Company proficient in HB300 law or even better, a do-it-yourself option to complete your Texas HB 300 obligations

You can also contact the HB 300 Information Alliance,  which is a public awareness task force designed to help healthcare professionals become informed and educated on the new HB300 laws.

What is actually required?   Each employee needs to have a certificate or worksheet proving that they have been trained and are aware of their obligation to protect patient PHI, know the correct protocols when handling this information over the internet and in electronic format or on computers, telephones, etc.  There also needs to be written protocols in place within your office that dictate your handling of patient PHI.  And of course, all involved need to understand the fines & punishments for breaches or violations of the HB 300 guidelines.

Who Must Comply? All Texas healthcare facilities must comply with these guidelines and have written proof that they are doing so!   This includes:   

Healthcare Facilities, Clinics, Employees handling PHI, ePHI & EHR(Protected Health Info, electronic PHI, Electronic Health Records) and even        IT Techs that maintaining healthcare related internet websites.

How often does this have to be done?  Texans have to comply in (3) ways:

·         Validate Employee Training on HB300 for:  Patient PHI,  HER & ePHI

·         Train any New Employees within 60  days of their hire

·         Have written Office Protocols for  the HB300 Policies within your Office

·         Update the HB300 Program— every 2 years and show Proof-of-Employee Training

You know what they say”  “Everything’s Bigger in Texas”!  Apparently HIPAA law is a lot bigger.  Don’t “mess with Texas…. HIPAA Auditors”!   Get compliant with a reliable HIPAA company to assist you. (One that knows their Texas HB 300 law.)


Written by Jill Obrochta & Heather Whitt of Dental Enhancements.