How to launch an OSHA & HIPAA COMPLIANCE Campaign in your Territory


Recent CDC Update on Infection Control Guidelines for the Dental Office Setting are inspiring OSHA Inspectors to make more dental office visits nationwide.

CDC-Summary-of-Infection-Control-Prevention-Practices-for-Dental-2017Yes!  Inspectors are now looking closely at dental offices to see that all these new CDC Infection Control Guidelines are understood and functioning within dental offices.

Please, share this with your dental offices and help them get prepared!

To create your Compliance Campaign for your territory, follow these (5) simple steps to roll it out… 

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Here is how to get started:

  1. Download The CDC Update on Infection Control Guidelines for the Dental Office Setting  (Click here to download the PDF version)
  2. Choose which OSHA / HIPAA Flyers to use within your Territory ( Click here to send us your home address and we will mail out a full 2018 OSHA/ HIPAA Pitch Kit) Visit the Benco Flyer page >>HERE<<
  3. Read up on OSHA & HIPAA; Invest 30 minutes reading a few of our fun, informative Blogs:
  4. **Create 2-4 OSHA & HIPAA Phone Recorded-Video Messages – Based on your favorite D/E Blog—
  5. Create OSHA / HIPAA email messages for your client—Remember to embed your video and create links to our blogs—we can help you if you like!
  6. Send this “Infection Control Update Freebee” :

**Watch the video below by Benco’s Chris Dowers for inspiration


This should create quite a buzz within your territory about how to be OSHA & HIPAA Compliant and avoid those Inspection Jitters!

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Thanks for your interest!  Go Get Em!!