INITIAL ANNUAL OSHA EMPLOYEE TRAINING PACKAGE 2019 (Employee Training + Facility Report)

Price: $379

(Designed for First Time Clients Only)


Perfect for the office who:

Has an existing OSHA Program

Needs an Annual Employee Training Update

Wants to insure Complete Compliance of their Facility

This popular combo provides you assurance on both fronts!

Here is what you will get…

  • 72-Point OSHA Safety Facility Inspection & Report completed over the phone; Results   emailed to you instantly.  Anything on your report marked in “RED” becomes your OSHA homework and needs correction.  A Dental Enhancement OSHA Expert will be on-call to answer any of your OSHA questions or concerns as you rectify your OSHA homework.
  • 50- Minute  OSHA Annual Employee Training Webinar via Go-to-Meeting™:  Includes  HIPAA Omnibus Rule & GHS (Global Harmonization System) overview.                                                                                                                       (Downloadable video copy available for $39. Save to desktop to use again and again!)  Train at your leisure! Convenient to use when adding new team members.
  • Annual Employee Training Certification and printable sign-off sheet as proof-of-training & Handout too.
  • 20 minute “OSHA Review” Phone Session to debrief on the materials with your office’s key contact person.
  • OSHA Expert On-Call (for 1-Full Year!) We become an extended team member and your Personal OSHA Expert!  Call us anytime with questions or if you need us to assist with inquiries from OSHA Inspectors. We’re there for you every step of the way
  • Annual Reminders for Renewal & VIP Discounts Stay on track with Dental Enhancements and we’ll reward you with low renewal rates and rebates for referring your peers!  ($25 rebate for every referral!)


A Dental Enhancements OSHA Training Specialist will contact you within 48 hours via email with your Go-To-Meeting™ Webinar invitation. Be sure to include your phone number & email address with your purchase info.

If you have additional questions, reach us at

or 941-587-2864

Be sure your computer meets our Webinar System Requirements.


Dental Enhancements provides legally useful OSHA, HIPAA and practice growth information, products and services but does not give specific legal advice. By purchasing and using our products and services, you acknowledge that Dental Enhancements is not an attorney and suggests that for resolution of specific legal problems you contact an attorney specializing in these areas and licensed to practice law in your particular area.

If you are pending an immediate OSHA inspection, please call our offices to discuss your situation as additional fees or requirements may apply.  Dental Enhancements has the right to recommend you seek legal advice in lieu of training and protocol guidance.

If for any reason any training material is damaged, we will promptly replace your ordered materials. Simply send us the damaged materials so we can track the problem. We will arrange to pay for all shipping costs.

Since most of our OSHA / HIPAA products are customized, we cannot effectively reuse these materials. Therefore, we do not credit returns but, we will work with you to correct or rectify any challenges you have with any of our products. Our Customized products are replaceable without refund.

Keep in mind that we are always available to assist you in making the proper choices with regards to your purchases. We want to be sure you get the materials that are fitting for your office needs. If you have any questions or doubts, give us a call before you press the order button and we can talk about what products will be best for your situation. 941-587-2864.