OSHA & HIPAA Inspections are on the rise in 2019!

To inform your clients (and the Benco Sales Force).

Dental Enhancements is taking our OSHA, HIPAA & YOU show on the road… We are having amazing success with OSHA / HIPAA Live Events and I wanted to introduce you to the concept.

This can prove to be a powerful, value-added social event to host within your region….

I just returned from presenting a Live Event in Atlantic City for Dave Rousch’s Liberty Region.

Go benco Dental Enhamncements

We put on an INTRO to OSHA, GHS & HIPAA Event. It was awesome!

Lots of fun & prizes during an informative day learning about compliance.

Attendees created an Action Plan for OSHA & HIPAA Success and 20 vendors participated in a Vendor Fair to help support dental teams in their efforts to get & stay compliant!

Want to host an OSHA / HIPAA Event in your Region?

I have listed below (2) different programs you can book in your region.

The INTRO TO OSHA, GHS & HIPAA—$59 – $99/ per person ( paid to your region to support hosting expense)

Or you can choose a FEDERAL OSHA CERTIFICATION COURSE– $379 per office.

This gets the entire team’s ANNUAL OSHA TRAINING REQUIREMENT out of the way – You can review the (2) Programs in detail (see diagrams below).

Should you have interest in hosting an event in your region, please feel free to reach out to me. I am happy to discuss the details and customize a program to fit your needs.

** The night prior to the event —Please plan for a TR Round Table to explore the OSHA & HIPAA Sales Opportunities at your regional office too!


15 offices must be pre-sold to illuminate honorarium and travel expenses.


INTRO to OSHA, GHS & HIPAA Omnibus Rules $59 – $99 per dental office

Benco Region collects tuitions from attendees and Vendors (Have a Vendor Fair!) to offset costs

INTRO to OSHA, GHS & HIPAA Omnibus Rules

Thanks for your consideration. These events are really fun and enlightening.

Please bookmark this page and feel free to share with colleagues.