2019 OSHA / GHS MANUAL written to Global Harmonization System Standards Package for Existing Clients Only

Price: $199

Every dental office is required to have a current / comprehensive OSHA Manual. Getting a new one at least every 5 years, ensures all information stays up-to-date and timely. This is even more important due to the Federal requirement for dental offices to be GHS (Global Harmonization System) compliant by December 1, 2013. Get our OSHA/GHS Manual today that meets the new OSHA/GHS Standards.

It is also vital to properly complete all sections of your OSHA / GHS Manual including the many employee forms that need to be filled-out, organized and signed by every employee in your office. This process can be labor-intensive with many levels of paperwork to design……Ugggh, sounds like a lot of work, and it is!

Our OSHA made Easy™  OSHA/GHS Manual completely takes the pain out of this process!   With this purchase, we’ll prepare and personalize all of your required employee OSHA / GHS paperwork in packets.   Simply distribute the customized packets to your employees for review, signatures and retain on file.   Then an OSHA Expert will review and navigate with you, all  of these materials (via phone) in a 30 minutes guidance session. We organize everything to perfection with you, so you won’t have to figure it out alone!  Each Dental Enhancements OSHA made Easy™ OSHA /GHS Manual includes:

  • Employee Safety & Health Section / Fire & Evacuation Plans
  • Hazard Communication Plan to GHS Standard
  • Exposure Control Plan
  • Bio Medical Waste Plan
  • Needle stick & Exposure Incident Protocol / HIV Hep B TB
  • Bio Medical Summary & Waste Plan
  • OSHA Master Forms


  • Personalized Employee OSHA Forms Packets  We customize and compile these per each of your team members.  You simply sign and file the forms!
  • Yearly OSHA Form Organizer the perfect insurance during OSHA Inspections. Stay completely organized.
  • All OSHA Required Posters
  • Additional State Laws (where required)
  • 30 Minute “Easy Training” Phone Session to review the materials with your office’s key contact person.
  • Annual Reminders for Renewal & VIP Discounts Stay on track with Dental Enhancements and we’ll reward you with low renewal rates and rebates for referring  your peers!   ($25 rebates for every referral!)

This product does not fulfill your entire Federal OSHA or International OSHA/ GHS obligation. For a more comprehensive solution, you should consider ordering our


A Dental Enhancements OSHA Training Specialist will contact you by phone within 48 hours to schedule your “OSHA Manual Navigation” Phone Session. Be sure to include your phone number with your purchase info. If you have additional questions, reach us at or 941-587-2864


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If you are pending an immediate OSHA inspection, please call our offices to discuss your situation as additional fees or requirements may apply.  Dental Enhancements has the right to recommend you seek legal advice in lieu of training and protocol guidance.