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OSHA has been protecting the American Workplace since enacted in 1970. The United States Congress appointed the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) in an effort to reduce work related injuries and keep to ensure safety and healthy working conditions in the workplace. OSHA also updates and enforces safety standards, provides training guidelines, safety education, outreach to all U.S. businesses. OSHA works in coordination with the Centers for Disease Control to ensure that Blood Bourne Pathogens, Communicable Diseases and Hazardous Chemicals are controlled and handled safely. Below are helpful links to keep your workplace well informed of the most current OSHA Standards. We suggest you save them to your computer desktop in your “favorite places” browser and check these links monthly for OSHA Workplace Updates:

As of December 1, 2013 all U.S. Workplaces need to have an additional OSHA Certification on the new Global Harmonization System. Click here for more information on OSHA GHS. Dental Enhancements offers OSHA/GHS Certification in (3) convenient formats. Click here for our GHS Certification offerings.

Useful OSHA Websites to Link to…

Updates to the latest updates from the Centers for Disease Control.
This link includes Top Resources, Informational Articles and Video Training Modules:
This is a great resource for Dentists. It is an interactive grouping of all Dental Boards in the United States. Contact information and hyperlinks are included by State:

This is a listing of Medical Boards by State:

This is OSHA’s Record Keeping Advisor, which will link you to the federally required reports and work-related injuries and illnesses guidelines:

OSHA Mercury Exposure: from dental mercury & florescent bulbs
This link explains proper handling of fluorescent bulbs (that can release mercury and may expose employees to mercury if broken.) Learn about the potential for Mercury exposure, proper handling and clean up form this helpful article. In both Spanish & English. Print and post it in your office: