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Sometimes old adages just fit!  It this case Texas dental practice owners need to put on their 10-gallon to pay attention to this massively important, but often overlooked Texas Mandate.  Federal HIPAA protocols should be reviewed and updated in your office annually.  All Dentists in the USA need to abide by that law.  But did you know in Texas, all Healthcare Practitioner’s are required to train & certify all of their employees to the HIPAA TEXAS HB 300 Standard?

It’s true, in  “Texas HB 300 or “Texas HIPAA House Bill 300“.  This bill was implemented by Gov. Rick Perry in 2012. 

He  mandated that all Texas Healthcare Professionals implement & renew this Texas HIPAA obligation with their employees, every 2 years. 

Texas HB300, has the strictest HIPAA Protocols, in the country, created to protect Electronic Patient Information (or ePHI)

Be aware cowboy, that non-compliance with this Texas HIPAA Requirement, can wrangle big fines ranging from $10K – $1.5 M.

And Texas has a Governing Entity who enforces these Texas HIPAA laws with impromptu audits! Talk about feeling hog-tied!!??

It’s just not worth the risk because getting into compliance can cost as little as $125 per office per year!

So, where do you start to find out how to implement all of the Employee Training, Required Documents and Facility Protocols for Texas HB 300?

And how do you remember to stay on-pace every 2 years?  Do some research.  Google search and dig around for the “most comprehensive Texas HB300 Program”  out there!

Make sure you choose a coaching company that will offer automatic reminders or re-enrolment your team in Texas HB 300 Updates, every 2 years, so you don’t fall off this horse!

Texas HB 300:  Its bigger, its bolder—But you’ve got this!


Written by Jill Obrochta RDH BS

Founder of Dental Enhancements, Inc

Contact:  jill@dentalenhancements.com  941-587-2864

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