OSHA & HIPAA Compliance— Client Services Administrative Director

on how to fast-track yourself into the interview process for this position.

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 Job Description & Performance:

 We are looking for an enthusiastic, highly-focused, technically savvy, goal-oriented professional, for a long-term support of our accomplished, approachable team of passionate compliance educators.   You will need to possess an engaging, authentic communication style to explain and verbally showcase our unique brand of OSHA & HIPAA Dental Office Compliance Solutions— (Compliance Manuals, Forms, Training Videos, Expert-Lead Webinars & Guided-Support).   Most importantly, you need to possess the verbal finesse to educate and funnel potential clients towards a successful purchase.

If you can memorize and retain learning material with ease, present information with passion, are detail-oriented, computer savvy, personable, and have a consistent 30-40 day-time hours per week available to work— this job is worth pursuing!  

Our Director will be:

This position will be from our home-based office in Sarasota—with the flexibility to eventually “work-from-home” (at least 2 days per week).

Be ready to tell us why you are our candidate when you call in to complete the application for this on-trend position. (Details for our Call-In Voice Audition will follow the submission of your resume).  We offer a unique career opportunity with a charismatic team.  


The ideal candidate will have a minimum of (2) years of experience in telephone sales/customer lead follow-up.  Dental Assistant, Office Manager preferred. 

Required Skills….

This candidate will need to possess the following Skills & Competencies:

• You have the ability to work from home in quiet– without interruptions or at D/E offices in St. Pete or Sarasota Florida
• You have quality, reliable hardwired- internet connections and hard-wired phone lines available during work hours
• You have the availability to participate in our Monday Morning Team Hubble from 9am-10:30 am (as part of your paid hours of reimbursement)

Compensation & Schedule
• $17-$23 / hour depending upon your skill set & experience
• 30-40 day-time hours (set & consistent) per week
• 6-8 weeks of training pay will be provided at $17/ hour for 20 hours
**During the first 6-weeks of your training, plan to invest a substantial amount of your own time (above and beyond your paid training hours) to memorize company packages and compliance concepts. **
Training will be provided via computer screen-sharing & one-on-one telephone tutorial.

PLEASE NOTE: that after you complete your application, you will receive an email with “Call-In Instructions” that will direct you to our Applicant Message Center. This will be your chance to !!– As you verbally answer a few questions that will tell us why you feel you are the “right candidate” for this job.
Interviews will follow this call-in exercise. Hint: Knowing a bit about our company and our Compliance Packages will set you ahead of the hiring curve! Show us you are a go-getter by getting a jump-start on your learning.

About Us:
Dental Enhancements, Inc., is a privately-owned, healthcare consulting company specializing in the area of HIPAA & OSHA compliance. We offer state-of-the-art compliance training webinars/videos, manuals, electronic forms, report templates and guided help. Our company differs from our competitors in that, all of our products are “service products” which means we pair “telephone & internet interface” to help our clients successfully understand and navigate through our learning material. Our virtual coaching is provided (via Go-to-Meeting™, Skype™, text, email or telephone) to assist our clients in putting all OSHA & HIPAA requirements fully in place with our dedicated guidance and 24/7 assistance.

We stay “on-call” (via phone and e-mail correspondence) for our clients for one-full-year after the purchase of any product, with our OSHA & HIPAA Expert-on-Call service. After an initial purchase, our Automatic OSHA & HIPAA Renewal Subscription Service becomes the backbone to our client’s long-term lifetime success with our programs. Reminders for pre-set–required Annual OSHA Employee Training Renewal Appointments and access to our On-line HIPAA Portal provide easy-access and updates to continually changing compliance information to our valued clients. Our management team, continually researches, updates and publishes our training materials to state-of-the-art standards.

Our OSHA made EASY™ & HIPAA made EASY™ brands have earned national recognition, 5-Star, 98%-Excellence Ratings and remain First-in-Class, in the healthcare and dental communities. We also provide Live Compliance & Practice Growth Workshops for the dental industry.

Our founder, Jill Obrochta is a dental hygienist who is internationally published and a National Speaker representing 3M ESPE, Proctor & Gamble and Waterpik Technologies. She is considered one of the country’s leading experts in Dental OSHA & HIPAA Compliance. She enjoys providing workshops in these areas of dental healthcare throughout the world.

Apply in the first instance by writing to oshacoach@dentalenhancements.com

Make the title of your email: OSHA & HIPAA Compliance – Telephone Administrative Director and add a copy of your up to date resume and telephone number.