The Digital Tradeshow Podcast

The Digital Tradeshow Podcast: From the desk of John Stamper – Host of The Digital Tradeshow

Great interview with Jill Obrochta, Founder of Dental Enhancements and OSHA/HIPAA Training Specialist. Jill and her team are getting dental practices compliant and doing it with passion! Listen to it HERE

The Digital Tradeshow is a show about what’s new and what’s next when it comes to the products you are currently using in your Dental practice. Technology is changing fast when it comes to the products of the future so knowing even more about the companies you use is crucial. I will be interviewing companies throughout the industry and getting their perspective on the areas they are focusing on. I will also be providing them an opportunity to share with you “who” they are “why” they do what they do and “how” they are different when it comes to their approach and their mission. Finally, get ready to learn things such as, “what song best describes each company”, as well as “what special talents some of their employees have” as we venture into the 60-second lightning round!

Listen to it HERE