hipaa phi violation

Video Demonstrates A Common US Dental Office HIPAA PHI Violation

The above is a common scenario…

One that could creep up on your team innocently.

If you are curious about how to best protect your team against unsuspecting HIPAA violations – plan a staff meeting and update your current HIPAA standards to include:

  • A review of common practices with patient PHI: Pt Check In/Check Out
  • What papers need to be shred When & Why?
  • What I the proper form to use before sharing patient PHI with a 3rd party?
  • What steps should we take to better safeguard our Patient’s PHI from being seen or used?
  • How are we protecting PHI in Texts, Faxes, Copy Machine & Outgoing Emails?

If you need help with updating your HIPAA protocols for 2019, feel free to call one of our HIPAA Coaches on:


To see what is required.